From the album The Harmony Tree


Losing Carolina

1/ Woke up early morning with a coffee and cigarette.
Sunrise is really something, what else am I to do?
Pack my bags an threw 'em in the trunk,
turned the keys and started drivin'
and let the road show us something new.

2/ Soul searchin on the highway, with the radio turned right up
looking for my long lost cousin, tryin to find my spiritual home
there's a dust bowl in the distance
heading down my way
an let the storm blow right on by.


Excuse my ignorance, where on earth is Carolina?
Got no geography in my mind.
I'm lost and I need some help
where on earth is Carolina?
I'm just tryin' to survive.

Instrumental break

3/ Saw the preacher and his children, praying up to the sky.
Asked him for the right direction, he said "son believe and you'll know",
I don't know if I want this lord
but I surely need some help,
in this world you need something to hold on to.

4/ Well, met this girl in this old small town, for an hour or two.
Started drinking and started foolin', she's the soulmate i've been lookin' for.
Come on girl on this great adventure,
from the east to the west,
an' let the road show us something new.


Out ....

written by Anderson/Poynter