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Visitor League Table

Can you get your village,Town or City in our top
visitor league table

  1/ 1380 London           Gt London          UK 
  2/  961 New York       New York             USA     
  3/  350 Guildford        Surrey                  UK         
  4/  293          ??           Minnesota           USA          
  5/  171 Farnham          Surrey                 UK  
  6/  160 San Francisco LA                        USA
  7/  152 Reading           Berkshire                 UK
  8/  111 Brighton           Sussex                 UK      
  9/. 107 Los Angeles    California              USA      
10/    91 Horsham        Sussex                  UK 
11/    88 Basingstoke   Hampshire             UK                             
12/    72 Norwich          Norfolk                  UK         
13/    66 Croydon        Gt London              UK
14/    58  Bridgewater                                 USA    
15/.   51 Lebanon          Kansas                USA
16/    51 Leeds              Yorkshire              UK
17/    49 Camberley      Surrey                  UK      
18/    46 Woking             Surrey                UK 
19/    44 Manchester     Gt Manchester     UK
20/    43 Gothenburg                                 SWED       
21/    42 Cambridge      Cambridgeshire   UK         
22/    39 Oxford             Oxfordshire          UK
23/    37 Crawley            Sussex                UK
24/    37 Nashville           Tennessee         USA
25/    36 Frimley             Surrey                 UK
26/    35 Reigate           Surrey                  UK
27/    34 Honolulu                                      USA
28/    34 Toronto                                        CAN
29/    33 Dunlin                                           IRL
30/    32 Houston         Texas                    USA


This Months Report

The 2014 Visitor League Table: Hi there folks,  I think this is going to move towards more of a monthly thing, With the EP finished, artwork is nearly there, we're hoping it'll be out at Xmas or there abouts
Right here we go, London as usual are still the leaders, New York have made an appearance, it will take a big push by someone to move them from second place. Guildford have come back twice and are in no trouble from anyone else yet but will have to get there finger out or help to move up to second. Now Farnham have been busy and have moved up to fifth at the expense of the mighty San Francisco look at the map! with no action from Reading who fall further back, meanwhile Brighton are pushing upwards with visits but still have away to go to catch Reading. Outside the top ten not to much action but Croydon are getting ever closer to Norwich and Cambridge are just now one visit from getting into the top 20!  Keep checking by for EP release date and news, See you all next month,
Keif x.                          

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